Claudia E. Mulder

Digital Communications Specialist

Talents and skills that are high on my list refer to the field of digital communication and information: listening, connecting, structuring and, correspondingly, transferring information. Because of personal and professional interest, I am always up to date with the latest developments in digital communication and information management.

I like to utilise my strengths in a team and reach efficient and acceptable solutions. When I can combine this with my creativity in graphic design and language, it gives me lots of energy!

My passion is connecting people through effective digital communication channels. I care about the whole picture; not only the message itself but also structure, look & feel, interaction and the result. Besides giving advice and make plans, I also love to own the work. Because of my affinity with IT and technology, I am the ideal linchpin between Communications and IT.

Humour, collegiality, honesty, flexibility, trust and an open culture for me are key enablers to be able to work comfortably.

Digital Communications: 9 years
Intranet: 8 years
Social Media: 9 years
Webdesign: >10 years
Graphic Design: >10 years
Writing: >10 years
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I have the pleasure of working with Claudia in the Intranet Working Group. One of the things I value most about her is the attitude she brings with her to work. There is absolutely no nonsense involved. This enhances the group dynamic, because everyone knows what he or she can expect. It improves our decision making. Also, she is able to put things in perspective with her humour. Claudia is a very hard working colleague with a great sense of responsibility. Not only acting on request, but also proactively making the necessary improvements. You can rely on her to get the job done.
Her contribution to the Intranet Working Group and social media is far more than only her personality. She has extensive knowledge about our colleagues’ behaviour and preferences in consuming information. In close collaboration with our ICT specialist she designs new features for Insight. Based on her previous experiences she has a real good idea on what the intranet needs to evolve in: a more interactive, personalised ánd social workplace, where collaboration and content become part of the organisation’s global DNA.

One of the reasons that Claudia has this clear vision is because of her involvement in the organisation. She has been part of it for as long as she can remember and thus knows her way around. I completely trust her advice regarding the potential impact of a decision. Especially when it comes to employee engagement. This experience has already proved invaluable.
During our meetings Claudia asks a lot of procedural questions. This way she makes sure that we covered all important topics and thus she guides our group in their endeavour. Also, I have seen some of her work and it shows exactly this quality. There is a logical plan and structure to the approach. I feel that we underestimate her potential on this particular point. All in all she is good addition to our organisation and a kind colleague.

Tim Beusen
Tim Beusen MScAssistance and Management Services, Corporate ICT

In my role as Director of Corporate Initiatives for DHV, I worked together with Claudia to enhance the internal communications channels at DHV. This included both the intranet and integrated platform for the knowledge management network.  Both of these efforts were initiated by Claudia, who first approached her manager and then me with a vision and a plan. I was impressed with the completeness of her vision, the proposal for phased implementation to minimize disruption and costs, and that she constantly kept abreast of technical developments for further improvement. The user was central in her thinking.  Claudia worked independently and patiently on implementation, interfacing with the various stakeholders and maintaining a constructive relationship with ICT to realize the goals. She is able to execute as well as plan. I found her to be reliable, a good listener, thinker and open to change as we moved from concept to a live and evolving environment.  Claudia is quiet, but when she speaks she has something to say – and she will surprise you.”

Marga Donehoo
Marga DonehooDirector of Leadership and Talent Development

Claudia is a very dedicated and collaborative personality. She is open and supportive to everyone. For a period of time I had the pleasure to be her direct manager within the Business Group DHV Water. Claudia was responsible for developing our intranet and managing several business and product related web sites. After merging the Business Groups within DHV Claudia was transfered to Marketing Communications and became involved in developing our DHV branded websites. Claudia is a recognized frontrunner in our corporate social media. She introduced Yammer, LinkedIn groups etc. Not only technical but she also had an eye for the strategic impact as well as for the risks. This total overview made her a very appreciated person for management, employees and service providers.

Erik Goldsteen
Erik GoldsteenIntegrity and Compliance Officer
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